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Underwater Hull Cleaning Manual

It performed to remove fouling organisms which have adhered to a vessel and its appendages. Biological growth is undesirable since it increases ship drag, thereby increasing fuel consumption and decreasing speed. Hull cleanings can be either full cleanings or interim cleanings. .

Underwater Hull Cleaning with Hydraulic Brush Guard

We provide full Hull Cleaning which includes the entire painted underwater hull surface, propellers, and propeller shafts. We also have Underwater Welding of sub-sea installations and hulls. We have full package of diving services.

UnderWater Propeller Polishing with Hydraulic Power Pack

The underwater propeller polishing (multi-stage micro polishing of all surfaces) and the maintenance of the smooth surfaces, is vital in order to save energy and optimize the performance of the ship (improvement of vessel’s performance).

UnderWater Inspection

We offer a range of underwater construction services, including inspection, maintenance, and technical support. We work with each client to give the safest, most efficient, and cost effective methods available. Underwater inspection is to provide the information necessary to evaluate the condition of the platform and appurtenances.

Underwater Operations

All Types of Underwater repair, maintenance & consultancy. Excavation seabed and pipeline weight coat removal for Sonoma tic inspection using hydraulic jack hammer, high pressure water jet, air lift and grit blasting. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your hull inspection requirements and our commercial dive teams are on standby.

Sea Chest Blanking & Unblnaking

Plugging of intakes or overboard discharges to assist at inboard repairs is a HHA Diving's specialty. We have our expertise on Subsea inspection for harbour jetties including piles, concrete installation, steel reinforcements, alignment and misalignment, video, photos, C.P. readings etc

--------- At HHA DIVING

We Provide the Best & Specialized Underwater Diving Services all over UAE & Gulf

HHA Diving earned an excellent reputation from the last several years by combining Expertise & Experience with highest quality of manpower, materials and equipment. Our Diving systems are containerized units that facilitate easy deployment & offer maximum protection both for Equipment & Personnel who operates them.

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10+ Years Of Experience Consulting

We believe that only competent and well-motivated team can do the job in a best way for customer satisfaction

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We own and operate specialized equipment used to perform a wide range of offshore platform structural repairs, inspection services, pipeline repairs and re-routes, grouting repairs, and specialized hyperbaric and wet welding.

Health, Safety & Enviormental Policy

At HHA Diving , we believe that no job or task is more important than worker's health and safety. If job represents a potential safety or health threat every effort will be made to plan a safe way to complete the task in a safe way. Every procedure must be safe procedure, deviations in safe procedures by management and all other associates will not be tolerated.

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